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Does Anybody Know What Happened To….?

Chef Ricky MooreChef Daniel Labonne

(left to right: Washington DC’s¬†Executive Chefs Ricky Moore and Daniel Labonne)

Executive Chef Ricky Moore was just tapped in Novemeber 2007 to run Indie Bleu (famous for its Chinese and Indian fusion) in the heart of China Town across the street from the Verizon Center. Additionally Executive Chef Daniel Labonne is no longer at Tabaq Bistro (U street). Tabaq is a Turkish restaurant. Both Executive Chef’s Moore and Labonne are the well noted Black chefs in the city both ironically mastering cuisines not often done by Black chefs.

Where are they now? (Labonne just participated in DC Restaurant Week last week with Tabaq. Called today and he is no longer with the Restaurant.) Moore went on to the Food Network’s Iron Chef sometime after Thanksgiving. Called Indie and he is no longer there either. Both places’ atmospheres are off the charts as is the food.


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Black Restaurant Week

Started in Washington DC on April, 12 2008 as monthly networking events for Black Professionals as a great atmospheric backdrop to fine dining establishments with Black Executive Chefs, owners, and Sommeliers. (Coming to City Near You)